Graduate Students

Tucker Melles

First Year PhD Student

My project involves examining reactions associated with the oxidation products of dimethyl sulfide. Understanding the kinetics of these reactions could have important implications for aerosol formation and growth which can influence climate. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Florida Tech which is where I first became interested in chemistry. I am originally from Kansas City and as a result, I am a big Kansas City sports fan. Aside from watching sports I enjoy running, hiking, and hanging out with my cat, Clyde.

My Dad and I on the Virginia side of Great Falls National Park.

Cort Zang

First Year PhD Student

I am working on the preparation and characterization for a CIMS with a new reagent ion source aimed at investigating trace gases in the atmosphere. I just recently finished my Bachelor’s degree in chemistry at Salisbury University in Maryland. Outside of chemistry I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and rafting to get outside. I am a big fan of all things brewed.