Research Themes

Our research focuses on understanding the changing composition of Earth’s atmosphere and the resulting impacts on climate and air quality. Specifically, we are interested in coupled interactions relevant to the ocean – atmosphere – cryosphere system and the fate of marine trace gases.

Field observations of atmospheric gases and particles; aerosol formation & transformation; analysis of spatially and temporally resolved atmospheric data sets. (Photo: Manitou Experiment Forest 2021)
Instrument development & characterization for field and laboratory measurements of gases and particles. (Photo: Vocus Chemical Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer)
Laboratory studies of multiphase chemical reactions in sub-micron aerosol particles, bulk solution and levitated droplets. (Photo: Levitated droplets in a quadrupole electrodynamic trap at LBNL)

We develop and apply analytical tools in online mass spectrometry for both field and lab studies to better understand the sources and processes that shape the properties of atmospheric aerosol.