We are always looking for curious and motivated students with an interest in applying their fundamental chemistry knowledge to understanding our atmosphere and its connections to the ocean and cryosphere. We aim to recruit students with a wide range of backgrounds, and look for students who are thoughtful, proactive communicators, willing to tackle new challenges, and are curious about programming and data analysis.

Prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply to the CSU Department of Chemistry, and to reach out to Chemistry faculty to discuss their interests.

Colorado State University has a vibrant community studying atmospheric sciences, chemistry and air quality, more information available here. Faculty & research groups include:

Tami Bond, Mechanical Engineering
Ellison Carter, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Jeff Collett, Atmospheric Science
Delphine Farmer, Chemistry
Emily Fischer, Atmospheric Science
Jay Ham, Soil & Crop Sciences
Shantanu Jathar, Mechanical Engineering
Sonia Kreidenweis, Atmospheric Science
Jeff Pierce, Atmospheric Science
John Volkens, Mechanical Engineering